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Buying a New Phone? What To Look For!


Holiday seasons are typically the time of year where many people buy new mobile devices. When looking a new smartphone, there are a few things to consider when selecting the right fit for you. We’d like to share a few basic considerations we feel that are important when shopping for a new phone.

#1: Battery Power

This may come as a surprise to you, but a phone doesn’t work too well with a poor battery Lol. A phone’s battery is its lifeline. Not only is it important for functionality but also in case of emergency situations where calls or text messages need to be sent.

Battery performance is something that should be monitored as closely as the batteries in our vehicles. The international standard for measuring battery power is the milliampere hour (mAh). Does a higher mAh level automatically indicate a longer living battery for your phone? In some regards yes and no. Many different things can affect a phone’s battery. App usage, cheap chargers, and battery age are key factors that affect its performance. Ultimately, these are things to consider when looking at battery power.

#2: Storage

How much stuff will your new device hold? Do you take a lot of pictures? Do you rarely delete text messages or voicemails? Storage is a key factor which affects processing speed over time and ultimately connects back to battery performance.

Another reason for weighing in the storage factor is to measure how soon will you need to purchase extra storage in keep your device running at an optimal level. External storage can come in the forms of an SD Card or cloud storage such as Google One or Microsoft’s OneDrive.

#3: Charging Port Type

In our experience, charger type is rarely asked when customers are deciding on a new phone. So why did it make our Big 3? Think about it, if you’re currently using a phone with a USB-mini charging port and purchase a new phone using a USB-C charger; that new type of charger will need to be purchase for different places most people charger.

Our guess is that most people use two to three different chargers for their home, car, and jobs. If you’re retired, that job charger may have shifted to the nightstand by the bed. Regardless, not only are you looking to buy the new device and insurance; but now there are a set of chargers or cables that has to match a different port.


There are several more things to consider when shopping for a new phone, but our big three is simply a general rule of thumb on where to start. Also, any sales representative should be able to answer these basic questions for you. Other factors may include: Camera quality, Processor speed, RAM, Security features, Screen size, and Operating systems. We’d be remised not to mention one of the biggest factors; PRICE. Keep your budget in mind, but also treat yourself or someone else if possible.

Have fun with your shopping process.

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