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Hungry Jack - Commercial Concept/Idea

As a media team, we're always creating concepts for many well-known brands that exist. Very few are serious in nature and most are designed to provide humor.

At LBA Media, we work extremely hard but also enjoy adding much laughter along with our effort. As director, I'm very lucky to work with such a close knit team of people who have a passion for media production and their specialty areas.

Pitch: Hungry as Jack "The Shining"edition

Our vision for the Hungry Jack Shining commercial came on the whim on an idea. The core concept was thinking about the look someone could have after smelling good food coming from the kitchen while passing by. With a vast amount of imagery and imagination from our people, various scenes from the movie "The Shining" came to mind. If we decide, to create an actual commercial, we'll definitely share.

Our unique approach to marketing this brand spins a movie with a horrific story plot and remakes it with a touch of humor. In closing, we will periodically share some of our ideas of concepts that we come up with as a team.

Stay safe out here during this pandemic!

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