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LBA Media: Introducing Kate Goff as LBA Catwoman

We're pleased to announce that Kate Goff will be imaged as our Catwoman for this season of screenwriting. With our casting, we aim to pair our characters' persona with an image that matches. When searching for the right person to represent our vision for Catwoman, Kate was the prime choice to portray the type of character we needed.

We wanted a character that represented strength, boldness, and fluidity in nature. We took a look at both Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry's version of the character. Our decision was to design our own version while drawing from the vibes of the previous examples. We wanted our Kate to be an everyday person that is relatable but also with a kick-butt superhero side. At LBA, our Kate works as a bartender in the town of Margo River, Australia. Her job, at times, conflicts with her position as a Sunday school teacher within her local congregation.

We'll explore more about Kate's Conflict in our Season 1: Take 1.

In Season 2; Episode 1 of CW's Batwoman, the citizens of Gotham meet to participate in a Batwoman Rally due to the recent crime rise in the city and longing her their beloved hero. Kate, still frustrated by the failed attempts of being with Batman, travels to Gotham as Catwoman in hopes to confront Batwoman.

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